The ingredients that give rise to conflict and dispute are readily available to us all the time.

Frankly, we all seem to create conflicts and disputes easily, but we don’t seem to know how to resolve them.

Unresolved conflicts are very costly. This is why we care about equipping people with skills to resolve conflicts and disputes, both personally and corporately.

Our name “Niigon Abin,” pronounced ‘knee-gon/a-bin,’ is a First Nations (Ojibwe) compound word made up of “niigon” and “abin” which conveys ‘hope, a future, and together.’
Basically, it means “looking ahead together.”
This is the ethos of Niigon Abin Resolutions Services (NARS).
We, consultatively, seek to bring hope and a future between people – in all four directions of our world (north, south, east, west).